What is trending in Thailand

What is trending in Thailand

Trend is something that whether you like it or not, you subconsciously do follow it. Whether it is fashion, sport, gadget, food or even cultural trend, it is very catchy. From the elite to the mass, everyone seems to adapt to the latest trend sooner or later. Thailand is one of the busiest countries in South Asia. It is a fashion hub for the tourists. It has many eye catching natural sights and its modern architectural beauty is worth mentioning. If you are planning on visiting Thailand anytime soon, read this article to get to know the latest trend in Thailand.

Meeting Hub

The House on Sathorn is a place located in the W Bangkok. Thailand is very well reputed for having business meetings and gatherings. They make sure you get the value for your money. The House on Sathorn has colonial buildings that have beautifully designed event rooms. Nai Lert Park Heritage Hom is a wood house which is designed as a tropical house. For the public it is opened as a museum. There are event places and a traditional Thai restaurant. They are suitable for meetings but they have extravagant activities that can surprise the guests.

The beaches

Thailand is all about lavishing beach views and activities. They are a hub for the adventure lovers. They make it safe to do for people of all age. The price for each activity is fairly reasonable, and, therefore, people with limited budget can also enjoy them. From Trekking, scuba diving, rafting, boat riding, paragliding, mountain climbing, they have everything. The beaches are also very famous of having a relaxed time too. There are sections where you can just lie alone and bask in the open sun. The beaches are one of the reasons why Thailand is visited so much by tourists.

Street Stalls

Thailand has one of the biggest street markets around the world. Some of the street markets have nearly 8000 thousand stalls. The huge availability makes goods rather cheap as there is competition between the stall owners. If you can bargain well, you will get a very good deal in these street stalls. These stalls are not limited to fashion items alone. You will find home décor, gadgets, and plants too. Certain street markets even have a wide variety of food courts nearby so the shoppers can take a break from their shopping and enjoy some delicious Thai food.

Different types of Drink

Thailand is known for different types of drinks. There are no beverages in the world which you will not find in Thailand and at a cheaper price. They even have the elephant poop coffee for the tourists. Surprisingly many tourists try this coffee as it is not common in all places. Beer and whisky are the most famous drinks in Thailand. Thai beer is their authentic drink which they pair with spicy dishes. Thailand has a rule that one can buy alcohol between 11pm to 2 pm and 5 pm to midnight. No one can buy any alcohol on Buddhist's Holiday.


Thailand is well known for its women fashion. Thai women fashion has a lot to do with lace, bohemian prints, oriental glam, color blocking, oversized shirts or pants, and bold prints. Millennial pink, plaid print, and corset belts are not something Thai women like. For shoes, both men and women are into comfortable shoes. They enjoy flip-flops, slip on shoes, rubber shoes and easy to dry shoes. At fancy occasions they opt for dressier shoes. Thailand is a hot country, so the sunglasses are very trendy and needed here. Women like to add fashionable scarves with their outfits sometimes.

THAILAND FASHION WEEK, Autumn/Winter 2020, will be on 25-26 JUNE, 2020, VARAVELA, BANGKOK


Tom yum goong is a Spicy soup made with shrimp. This is one of the most consumed dishes of Thailand. Som tum a salad made with green papaya is another famous dish. Tom Kha kai is a chicken soup made with coconut cream and you must try this. Thailand is a tropical country and it produces a lot of coconut. Their food has a lot of coconut in it too. Coconut milk, shredded coconut, coconut butter are used generously in most of the dishes. Thailand's Pad thai has become world famous because it is a simple fried noodles packed with flavors.

The trend in any country evolves with time. Thai trend also slowly evolves but keeps their originality intact.