Top Three Most Successful Women Entrepreneurs

Top Three Most Successful Women Entrepreneurs

Nowadays, women are not confined in homes anymore. The number of women who've ventured into entrepreneurship is increasing rapidly worldwide. Studies show that women own 25%; of U.S. businesses. Women entrepreneurs think of a business niche, launch it, organize, and operate the business all by themselves. Some of the qualities of women entrepreneurs include; autonomy, positive attitude, vision, and risk-taker. Globally, women have become mindful of their existence, roles, and rights. Moreover, women entrepreneurs have significantly impacted economic segments. Most women entrepreneurs have chosen various niches like education, manufacturing, retailing, cleaning, and insurance. This article will discuss the most top successful women entrepreneurs.

Diane Hendricks

A woman entrepreneur with a fortune of over $5 billion in the roofing industry. However, her journey to success has been much complex. Alongside her husband, she founded the A.B.C. Company. Diane remodeled homes in early life; her husband was then busy building the A.B.C. Supply roofing business. Later, they both decided to work together for the success of the company. The business was fine until 2007 when Ken passed away, leaving Diane to look after it alone.

The company remained under the management of Hendricks despite its rivals attempting to purchase it. The company grew immensely under the leadership of Diane Hendricks. In 2016, it purchsed the L & W Supply; this became an enormous retail breakthrough. This purchase put the A.B.C. company at the peak of the roofing supplies business. The company has currently opened seven hundred branches which make over $10 billion in sales. The widow's current net worth is $8 billion.

Kris Jenner

She is a successful woman entrepreneur with a net worth of over $150 million. She started her career journey in 1976 with American Airlines as a flight attendant. She left this job a year later to look after her family. Later, in 2007, she met producer Ryan Seacrest where she proposed a reality show. The show featured Kris and her family's daily life as celebrity influencers. The producer was satisfied with the first video and decided to continue with the project. It was at this time when Keeping Up with the Kardashians was started.

Entertainment network picked up the show afterward, with Kris as the executive producer. In 2017, Kris, alongside her daughter, Kim Kardashian, started K.K.W. Beauty, a cosmetics company. Coty Inc., a cosmetics conglomerate, acquired a stake of $200 million in K.K.W., increasing the company's valuation to $1 billion. At this time, Kris owned 8%; of the company, which amounted to $80 million.

Kris also partnered with Kylie Jenner to open Kylie Cosmetics, where she owned a stake of 10%;. Coty Inc. again acquired a 51%; stake in the company by paying $600 million. Kris sold half her stake to Coty Inc. as part of the $600 million sales, thus remaining with a 5%; stake in the company. She also runs Jenner Communications in Los Angeles.

Oprah Winfrey

The woman's career began in 1976 in a T.V. station in Baltimore. While working there, her only desire was to increase her popularity using this career. Unfortunately, after a couple of months, she lost her position and was demoted to the lowest rank in the newsroom. It is this demotion that came with an excellent opportunity for her to further her career. Her show was highly rated, especially when it started covering sex-related topics. She later began to focus on more challenging features in a desire to raise her show's standards. Oprah now became a motivational speaker.

In 1990, she started a series show which was known as Change Your Life. The show featured her as a woman who overcame an abusive childhood to become a self-made billionaire. This story inspired many people in the countries where the show was broadcast. Her power of thinking positively brought about Oprah's success.

In 1998, Oprah appeared on the cover of Vogue magazine. This was after attending several weight-loss sessions to lose twenty pounds. The magazine's cover hit the newsstands selling over 900,000 copies, more than any other magazine. That is it! You have the list of the most successful women entrepreneurs. If you are a woman and want to venture into business, consider the various challenges women entrepreneurs face to determine how to approach them. Some of the problems faced by women entrepreneurs include, lack of education, stiff competition, scarcity of raw materials, among others.