Shopping in BKK

Shopping in BKK

The Thai Government has announced a three-phase plan for reopening to international visitors. The National Communicable Disease Committee has approved a draft plan on the monitoring system to prevent and control COVID-19 infection among travelers entering Thailand. The relaxation of travel restrictions for foreigners who visit Thailand for economic and social reasons will be divided into three phases. The first phase involves short- and long-term arrivals, such as guests of the Thai government, businessmen, investors, skilled workers, experts, people with Thai families, teachers, and students. The second phase involves patients seeking Thai health services, and the third phase involves tourists and migrant workers.

Now after COVID, here's looking to a brighter future there is a good reason why Bangkok is so famous for shopping. Both the locals and the tourists would agree the versatility of the city's shopping malls is impressive. The capital of the country promises a great deal of shopping malls, good topnotch brands as well as cheap goods. If you want to get your hands on some designer goods, you can and if you have a limited budget, even then you can enjoy shopping in Bangkok. The night market is something everyone looks forward to. It lit up every single night and it is always crowded with curious shoppers.

Bangkok has an interesting store locations as both luxury brands and cheap local items are found quite nearby. The luxury brands do not isolate themselves too far. One minute you are enjoy your time at a Chanel store, and the minute you step out of the store, you can find a cheap store nearby. This ensures that the shopping malls here are very welcoming for every type of shopper.

Bangkok has about 500-8000 stores. The shopping malls have slightly higher price point than the market. To be able to earn a good deal in Bangkok, you need to be able to bargain. The bargain hard rule applies in most of the store because none of the products are fixed price. The owners ask for a random price and if you bargain well, they seem to lower the price. So it is always a plus if you can put a good smile and bargain well with the shopkeeper.

With all the options available, it is very easy to get about where to shop in Bangkok! Below is a list of the finest stores and malls in Bangkok where you may get the best deals.

Platinum Fashion Mall

This large fashion mall caters to the wholesale needs of the customer. If you want to buy goods at a large quantity, this is the best mall to visit in Bangkok. They carry everything. They have mens fashion wear, womens fashion wear and kids fashion wear. They have dresses, pants, handbags, hats, shoes and even cosmetics. There sportswear collection is also impressive. They have items from all over the Asia. You will find goods of Japan, China, Korea and Hong Kong here. Interestingly you will get a feel of street shopping inside this lavishing air conditioned mall.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

This market comprises of 35 acres. You will get around 8000 stalls here. Since it has so many stalls, it contains absolutely anything and everything. So you will be able to buy whatever you need from this one place. If you want something rare, then look for ceramics stalls, home furniture and rare antiques. They also are well known for their reasonable priced souvenirs. Some think it is the most suited place for buying traditional Thai handicrafts. If you want a piece of Thailand to come back with you on your hometown, then classic Thai handicraft is very good. Their collection is rather versatile. The prices are not cheap as the quality is very good.

Talad Rot Fai Srinakarin Night Market

If you are a vintage collector then this is the market for you! From vintage clothing, accessories, souvenirs, they have everything. The Rod's Antiques area and the Warehouse Zone have a wide range of vintage products. Here items like motorbikes, kitsch furniture, classic cars and French chandeliers are all genuine and antique. These are some locally produced and some are imported from Europe, Myanmar, China and USA. Even if you do not want to shop for anything, the mesmerizing light view of the market is enough to visit the place once. The food there is luring too.

Pan Tip Plaza

This plaza is dedicated to electronics of all kind. If you are looking for topnotch technology, this is the place to visit. Many people want electronics as a souvenir. So this would a good place to buy electronic goods for the friends and family back home. The locals also come to this plaza to buy computers and laptops. It contains many well reputed brands as well as cheap options. You can buy retail goods but the plaza offers special discount for wholesale goods.

Pratunam Market

This particular market it best if you want to buy any bulk clothes. The district Pratunam is well known for its clothing and this market is for those who enjoy trendy fashion. You will find about 4000 stores in this market. They contain both modern, classic, both casual and formal wear.

Ma Boon Khrong Center

If you are looking to buy mobiles and mobile accessories then this is the place for you. They have a wide range of topnotch mobile brands and they have local made mobiles as well. It also has fashionable clothes as a reasonable price. They have a good collection of Thai brands. They also sell replica of luxury fashion items. For under $20 you can spot yourself a luxury handbag.

Shopping is fun anywhere and when you visit a new country, shopping becomes mandatory element of your holiday. Enjoy a good shopping time with all the fashionable markets Thailand has to offer.