Latest shoe trends in Thailand

Latest shoe trends in Thailand

Thailand is a land of islands. Everywhere you go, no matter which city you are visiting, it is most likely that you will find a beach. They have mountains, waterfalls, forests and rivers. They have a great modern touch to the country but the statement is it is a naturalistic country. Where ever you go in Thailand, you will find something adventurous. It is essential to dress properly for any type of exploration here. Especially the shoes need to be on point. If you wear high heel while trekking, it will result very badly. Below are 5 shoe trends that are foolproof to work in Thailand.

Flip-flops or sandals

The very first things on the list, is sandals or flip flops. As you will be visiting a lot beaches, a good pair of sandals are must. Flip flops do not have to be plain and boring black. You can choose a nice print, something that matches with your outfit. For the men, you can choose something that showcases your interest and personality. Thailand is a hot country. If you wear shoes that tend to sweat your feet, you will end up getting overheated very soon. Whenever you visit a foreign country, try to stay as comfortable as possible. Some people try too hard to be fashionable and end up hurting themselves. Fashion does not have to be painful. Fashion can be comfortable if you can pick your things properly. Flip flops or sandals do not cost too much. If you want to buy luxury brands, then if may cost a little extra. You can embellish your simple flip flops with plastic or fabric flowers too.

Slip-on shoes

When you are going for any kind of adventure in Thailand, opt for Slip on shoes. These shoes are easy to wear, they will protect your feet and they will not cause overheating. As mentioned earlier, Thailand has a hot weather. You do want to wear shoes that are comfortable to walk in but you also do not want to get super sweaty. So slip on shoes is best option here. They are great for cycling. They are great for trekking. They are great for simple sightseeing walking. The best part of this type of shoes is they do not need any socks. It is a life saver because when you are on a holiday, you do want to keep your luggage as light as possible.

Slip-proof shoes

Thailand is mostly islands and it is quite easy to slip on the shore. You need to wear shoes that are anti-slippery. You need to check your shoes before you pack them. If they are slightly slippery, you may end up having a bad accident. If you are looking to do adventures in Thailand, you must take caution and choose slip proof shoes. Anti-slippery shoes are good for hopping, kayaking, jeep ride and long tail boat rides. When you are going for boat rise or on a cruise, slip proof shoes are a life saver. So avoid straining you ankle by choosing anti slippery shoes.

Dressier shoes

A pair of dressier shoes is a must because you will not only do adventures and sightseeing in Thailand. You will also visit fancy restaurants, theatres and museums. For places like such you need a good pair of dressier shoes. Women like to embellish their accessories, so you can pack foldable pair of dressier shoes in your luggage. It will come handy. Many tourists keep a pair of foldable dressier shoes in their handbag because they never know when they need to change from sandals to shoes.

Rainy season shoes

Thailand has rainy season around October to December. So if you are visiting the place during that time, you must pick shoes that dry easily. Shoes made of rubber are a great option. They have a good grip at the bottom. They do not slip easily. They do not need any extra time to dry off. Not to mention they are super comfortable as well.

Whenever you are visiting Thailand, keep that in your mind that choosing a good pair of shoes can make your visit much happier. The wrong choice can end up giving you a bad holiday experience. So choose the best pairs.