Caring for short hair

Caring for short hair

It is only natural to let hair grow, and for many women, possessing long, flowing locks is an expression of their confidence and femininity. Of course, hairstyles are also a potent method of expressing anyone's individuality, so there are absolutely no rules about what should or should not be acceptable, especially in terms of length. The key issue with anyone's hairstyle should be: what makes me feel comfortable?

In this respect it is important not to be drawn in by what styles some TV personality or fashion magazine columnist might decide are ‘in' or ‘cool'. Many people fall into the trap of making decisions based on magazine photographs, or looks that they have spotted in the movies. While there is nothing wrong with cutting out your favourite photograph from a magazine, before taking it with you to the beauty salon and requesting ‘make me look like this model'. But you should be aware that many of the aforementioned media images are airbrushed to within an inch of their lives.

Short hair can be a striking option. Possessing neat, cropped hair will often make the wearer stand out from the crowd, as well as drawing attention to their face rather than any billowing tresses. One of the added bonuses of short haircuts is that they saw convenient when it comes to maintaining. If you have a night out or a business appointment you wish to look your best for, you here can be washed and staled very quickly. When it comes to long hot summer days, you will feel the benefit of having short hair in order to keep you cool (both in temperature and fashion terms!)

It goes without saying that short hair is much easier to look after Dan Long here. However it does require a certain amount of tender loving care to keep it looking as healthy and clean as possible.

First of all, it is still important to have short hair regularly attended to. You should aim to visit your salon around once a month, or even every three weeks if possible. This is because the shorter the hairstyle, the quickly it will grow out of itself. Regular attention will ensure that the shape of you hair is maintained and will also prevent the onset of split ends.

With those dreaded split ends, the only effective cure is to cut them off. Don't be duped by those advertisements that show their hair products miraculously causing split ends to melt together again. A good stylist trimming you hair above the split line will be subjecting your style to minimal stress – far better than any products, chemicals or even hair curling or ironing.

Short hair should be conditioned at least once a week. The best way to do this is to massage your scalp with warmed oil, such as coconut or almond. Once your hair has been thoroughly oiled, you want to immerse a towel into heated water, thoroughly wring it out, and then wrap it around you hair. Keep this in place for about 20 minutes. Afterwards remove the towel, before washing your hair. This will ensure your short hair achieves a wonderful sheen.

The next step is to use a mild shampoo, one with a low pH. This will nourish your short hair and also eliminate dandruff. Never comb wet, short hair, as wet hair is more elastic than dry, and therefore prone to breaking. Allow your style to dry naturally, before using a wide-tooth comb.