Budget-friendly makeup and skincare brands

Budget-friendly makeup and skincare brands

Bangkok boasts a large range of affordable makeup and skincare brands that are also high quality. There are many places where you can find quality makeup in Bangkok. Here are some of the places where you can buy affordable and good makeup and skincare brands in Bangkok.

Gino McCray

Popularly known as the MAC of Thailand, this Thai beauty brand offers professional makeup at a great price. They are found in Beauty Buffet retails outlet around Bangkok. This brand is particularly famous for their blushers, which are of really high quality. Their eyeshadow palette - that is conveniently customised -, lipsticks and foundations are also particularly good.

The Gino McCray professional makeup 24 eyeshadow palette boasts a range of warm and cool colours, including blues and greys. Their shadows are pigmented, too. The palette includes a nourishing extract of vitamin E which revitalises the skin. This incredible palette is currently priced at THB 590.00.

Gino McCray's professional makeup lipstick offers a number of shades to suit everyone. The lipstick is moisturising yet adds a semi-matte finish since the formula includes peptide and Vitamin E.

Cathy Doll

From primers to eyeliners and serum masks, the Korean brand offers affordable and good quality products to make girls beautiful. This beauty brand was developed and refined by South Korea's leading lab with the purpose of treating all beauty issues, understand women's aesthetic challenges and overcome those difficulties in order to enhance their attractiveness. Cathy Doll wants to make the ordinary woman stand out.

Cathy Doll is famous for its blackheads masks that can be found everywhere in Bangkok and really clean your pores thoroughly.


This Thai brand blends traditional herbal medicine with scientific research to bring a large range of quality skincare and body care products. Using the finest natural ingredients to craft results-driven products, Harnn takes a holistic approach to wellness and and focuses on restoring balance to your body and mind.

One of the most popular products of the brand is its White Mulberry Skin Perfector collection which infuses Asian herbs and white mulberry root bark extract to brighten the skin by slowin down melanin synthesis.


Also found in Beauty Buffet, Lansley offers a large range of beauty products that go from stretch marks cream to eye creams, eye and face serums, body whitening and masks. This brand is particularly popular amongst beauty bloggers in Thailand.

One of their outstanding products is the gold perfect anti-wrinkle eye cream, which is even recommended on the Beauty Buffet site. This eye cream contains 99.99% pure gold, which is meant to be good to keep the skin around the eyes fresh. This cream is designed to prevent wrinkles as it is packed with collagen and elastin. It can be bought for TBH505.00.

Lansley miracle beauty brightening supreme serum is also recommended on the Beauty Buffet site. By brightening and evening out skin tone, this serum delivers radiant-looking skin. The serum is also good to combat blemishes. Although this precious serum is made out of Gigawhite - an extract from 7 Alpine plants developed in Switzerland and Tahitian Black Pearl - it only costs THB490.

Lansley anti acne advanced solution purifying gel cleanser is formulated with an emollient plant extract which is blended with glycolic acid and triclosan, making it an ideal cleanser for those who suffer from acne. Although it is gentle on the skin, it is good at unclogging pores to prevent further breakouts. It costs THB170.00.

In2it boasts one of the best affordable brow-liners you'll find in Bangkok. This Thai brand offers mascaras and browliners, but the latter are the most popular ones for looking natural and being precise.

The brand also boasts a liquid matte lipstick that has been compared to Kylie Jenner's line of liquid matte lipsticks.


This brand can also be found in the Beauty Buffet group all over Bangkok. It is famous for its potions for your skin in heavenly scents.

One of its most popular products is the Milk Plus Whitening Q10 facial scrub which is dotted with a nice milky scent. The scrub contains co-enzyme Q10 which has powerful skin cells that nourish and regenerate your skin. The retail price is THB205.00.