Best places to visit in Thailand

Best places to visit in Thailand

Thailand is truly a versatile Country. The main reason it is South Asia's number one tourist's hub is its multi-facet traditional and culture. To back it up, their natural beauty is no less. At a glance you will find Buddhist temples, hill tribes, lush landscapes, ancient ruins, mesmerizing beaches, traditional farming villages and authentic handicrafts. The city is definitely crowded. People use mostly motorbikes and tuktuks.

Thailand is suitable for the romantics, for the quite roamers and even for a perfect family vacation. People who enjoy adventures, Thailand will not disappoint you. From traditional and authenticity to modern and high evolved cities, Thailand is the perfect balance of both. Below there are a list of the best places to visit in Thailand.

Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai is considered as a commercial hub as it is surrounded by the border of Myanmar and Laos. The city has many temples. The most astonishing one is the White Temple. The design will mesmerize you. The Blue Temple is another beauty worth seeing. The Black House which is kind of a museum for Wood art should be visited by art lovers. The Money Temple is another interestingly designed temple. The front has mythical Naga head's which is symbolic of protection for the temple. The temple got the name for a reasons, monkeys often come out of nowhere and interacts with the tourists.


Pai is famous of the astonishing view it offers. The atmosphere is very relaxing. It is a good place for backpackers. They can visit the mountains, the hill tribes and do trekking. There are few waterfalls and the river Pai is a beauty too. People can enjoy some whitewater activities here.


This place is a hub for the adventurers. They can rock climb on the limestone cliffs. The place is accessible exclusively with boats. This city gives a calm and soothing vibe to its tourists. There are no high-raised buildings. The small houses are hidden with the large trees. Far and wide you only see natural's glimpses in this place.

Khao Sok National Park

You will find Lakes, rivers, limestone karasts, and forests. The park is popular for versatile wildlife reserves. There are wild boar, Malayan tapir, different types of monkey breeds, Asian Elephant, and bears. People can trek here as well. There are natural pools and waterfalls.


This place sits on an island. It was proclaimed as the kingdom of King U Thong. It was once the Capital of the Country. It had about 400 temples. But after the attack by the Burmese, Bangkok became the capital. The ruins of Ayuthaya, is still an attraction point for the tourists.


The place is mostly famous for the River Kwai Bridge. The place also has some natural waterfalls, caves and parks. The Bridge was built during the World War 2. There are museums that showcase the time of the war and its ruins in Kanchanaburi.

Chiang Mai

The place is both modern and has many natural aspects like hill tribes, landscapes. The place offers enough adventures for the backpackers. The historical architecture is very visible. You will also find modern architecture coexisting here. The old city walls, several Buddhists temples are of traditional architectural background.


It is impossible to visit Thailand and not visit the capital Bangkok. It is a buzzing city with many aspects. It has high rise buildings, bustling markets, food courts, clubs, and ancient temples. People enjoy shopping in Bangkok because of the price point and the versatility it offers. The city also has natural gems too. The canals, the tropical plants and the green spaces are beautiful. The Wat Phra Kaew temple is very famous and well visited by the tourist.

Thaila Islands

These islands are world famous. People around the world enjoy them because the amazing beaches, the party atmosphere and the mesmerizing scenery. Phuket is one of the most visited islandsof Thailand. It is the largest as well. It has two bridges that connect it with the mainland. The movie “The Beach” was shot in Ko Phi Phi Island. The Ko Tao is considered as the diving Mecca in Thailand. These are the few famous islands of Thaila Islands. You will have more options to choose as there are many more available.

Thailand is a country that promises to provide as astonishing graphic view. It promises a holiday filled with adventures. It is good for shopping at a reasonable price as well.