Accessories you can buy in Thailand

Accessories you can buy in Thailand

When it comes to fashion, it is not always about your personality and attitude. When you have a strong personality, it means you can make any accessory your own and rock it with pride. A simple outfit can be extraordinary if you pair it up with few fashionable accessories. The idea of “fashion accessories” is not limited to jewelry alone. It can be a scarf, a handbag, a hat, shoes, belts and more. If you are a fashion forward lady visiting Thailand for the first time, here are few suggestions on how to get the best fashion accessories in Thailand.


Most women cannot live without jewelry. No matter which occasion it is, they need to have their jewelries on. Even the person who does not care about fashion much wears a stud earring on a daily basis. This is how connected jewelry and woman are! You will find a lot of beads jewelry at the beach. They are all handmade and have a sort of uniqueness to them. Thailand is good for gem jewelry. They are crafted in an artistic design that would surely appeal to women of all color and taste. From studs, dangly earrings, bracelets, anklets, pendants and collars, you will find it all here. Most tourists opt for street jewelry shopping as they are very cheap priced and yet not of bad quality.


Thailand is a hub for luxury brands handbag replica. Gucci, Chanel, Prada, Armani, you name it and they have it all. You can get yourself a luxury brand replica under $20. There are some people who enjoy the authenticity of a luxury brand but it is not affordable for everyone. So those who still like the feeling of carrying a luxury name tag around their shoulder, these replica handbags can serve well for them. Thailand also has some local handbag produces like cotton handbags, graffiti handbags, woven handbags and even rice basket handbags. People often get these local produces as a souvenir for their loved ones back home. Their collections of wallets are impressive too. They have artistic twist on leather and they have cutesy stuff too.

Colorful Umbrella

An umbrella can also be a fashion accessory! Thailand has a wide range of beautiful umbrellas. Their thin paper umbrellas are world famous. It is hard to believe that any tourist get go back home without buying one paper umbrella from Thailand.

Fashion Forward Glasses

Thailand has one huge collection of replica glasses. Every eye gear brand, be it luxury or less renowned brand, they have a replica for you. They are also made quite well. Considering the price tag, you will be surprised with the quality of these glasses. The option is unlimited and so is the number of shops selling glasses. You should be able to bargain well when you are buying from them.


A watch is a must have accessory for both men and women. People tend to match their watches with their outfit. There are some universal designed watches that actually go with every outfit you wear. Just like the stalls that sell glasses, the watch stalls are similar too. They have local produces, topnotch brands and replicas. You need to pick wisely which one would give more value to your money.


Thailand is a land of adventure. It offers many adventurous activities to its tourists and locals. The number one thing that is essential when you go out on an adventure is a good backpack. Thailand has a good collection of backpacks. They are mostly colorful. They are very artsy and have their cultural background in it.


When you visit Thailand, you will notice the country demands you to have certain type of shoes in order to maximize your pleasure in exploring the country. The country is filled with islands, beaches and forests. So when you roam around the country, you should be wearing sandals, dressier shoes, rubber shoes, slip on shoes etc. They country is hot and it requires you to wear comfy shoes. They have a wide collection of these types of shoes. You will find many intricate designs that are very traditionally Thai. They are very well made and the price point is actually impressive.

Fashion accessories are something that boasts your overall look. We always try to make our appearance as trendy and presentable as possible with fashion accessories. Thailand is a great place to buy all types of fashion accessories.